Making AUs about fictional characters like


coming out of your room at 3 am and seeing your parents


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I just realized that “smooth surface” that I’ve been using as a coaster and setting my Pepsi can on is my iPhone.

i feel u bruh. i feel u. and u soft.

What can I say? All that lotion and conditioner really pays off.

I finally made an RP meme blog for myself so I don’t have to hoard meme ideas on my actual RP blogs.


"All these fantastic artists bein’ all overly critical and putting themselves down, and I’m just sitting here drawing drunk stick people"

I just realized that I’ve never, even during my two relationships, ever felt that intense “You’re MINE, no one should so much as LOOK at you even JOKINGLY flirty because you are MINE” type of jealousy.

Because I never thought of my significant others as my possessions or anything close to that. They’re still their own people and it’s okay to be friends with people so long as they aren’t being obviously felt up or kissed on the lips. And I encourage having friends outside the relationship and encourage being independent.

I’m not putting down people who feel that intense need to claim the other as their own.

I just. I don’t personally understand it because I’ve never felt that myself. But that’s okay if others do! Because everyone is different.