Anonymous asked, "Do you know any good sites to look for Humanstuck DualCro fanfics? Almost everywhere I look, I can only find Humanstuck EriCro and it's usually Cronus raping Eridan, so that's a huge disappointment, because, as much as I love any combination of Amporacest, rape is a huge 'no' for me."


omg, i havent seen much of that, or i forgot. but yeye, i’ll also add in some ericro’s that have no noncon in it.


Fathers guilt - humanstuck dualcro, dualscar confused why his eldest son is so hot.
Listen up kid
Warped in black - cronus hatefucking himself and just being sad he’s alone 5ever
Mars’ miscellaneous dirties - there’s more than one story in this section, it’s best to look through the authors AO3 because they wrote a lot of cronkri and some dualcro and ericro /w\


Desperate - Eridan tops cronus and it’s nice
Soda Jerk - cronus opens a soda shop and eridan’s like ‘why y y y  ’ and they fuck later on
Glub productions presents eridan ampora in: march eridan - this is a fic based off of natsu’s  pornstar au

i think this is it! /A\ 

  • Some Tumblr users: I really dislike and hate this person.
  • Me: And that's okay to feel that way!
  • Some Tumblr users: ...I'm going to send them death threats because I hate them so much.
  • Me: Pls do not


when u do something ur friends never expected you to do


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I’m on my laptop before a writing class and not only do three other people have their laptops out too, but a new classmate sitting behind me saw my screen and whispered loudly “Tuuuumblrrrr”.

This is going to be a good class.

Really rocking that outfit, baby Groot.

I not only survived a random encounter with a cute stranger who thought he knew me, but I was the less awkward one. Yessss

I changed my blog’s music player to encompass my childhood~

Don’t mind me, just reblogging some old stuff of mine.


Putting on a cosplay piece wrong